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Student Tutorial: Digital Recordings

Here is what you need to do to do recordings and submit them to your instructor. The easiest method is to do it in Dey 109.

The recording instructions are posted at each work station in Dey 109.

Getting Started

Your teacher has made an assignment for you to complete an oral exercise for your pronunciation. The LRC has all of the equipment - microphones, computers, internet access - for you to complete this assignment.

To complete this assignment

    in Dey 109:
  • Go to
  • If you see your home page or a page that says 'This page is blank', then you are ready to complete your recordings in Dey 109.
  • If you get a page not found error, you will need to go to "Subscribe to Services" --> "ISIS" --> Accept the terms --> Continue
  • This will create your H Drive space and you will be able to save your recordings when you come into Dey 109.
  • Follow the recording instructions to begin recording your mp3.
    outside of Dey 109:
  • You will need to use your own microphone. We suggest you purchase an external microphone for better quality recordings. Unfortunately, we do not have microphones available for checkout or loan.
  • Download Audacity and then follow these instructions for getting a free MP3 encoder. Both of these files are required for you to complete recordings outside of Dey 109. Be read and follow all of the instructions for loading the LAME MP3 encoder prior to making your recordings so that you are able to export and save your recording as a MP3.
  • Follow the recording instructions to begin recording your mp3.

Recording Assignments

Audacity is installed on the desktops for all machines in Dey 109.

  1. Open your Course blackboard site --> "Assignments"
  2. Use the lab headphone/microphone.
  3. Double click on the Audacity icon on the desktop to open program.
  4. Click the red circle to Record
  5. Click the tan square to Stop Recording.
  6. To Save your file as an MP3, you will need to go to File --> Export as an MP3 file.
  7. Choose a location - if in lab, use your H drive, if on personal computer, use any location you want
  8. Enter a name for the file and click "Save".
  9. In the next box that appears, type the name of your class in "Title" and your name in "Artist." Then click "OK."
  10. Exit the program when finished. If you exported as an mp3 file, you do NOT need to save.
Submitting Your Assignment
  1. Login to and double click your course
  2. Click the "Assignment" link and find the particular assignment
  3. Click on the "View/Complete Assignment" link.
  4. Enter your first and last name in "Comments"
  5. Click the "Browse" button, select location where you saved the file and double click the mp3
  6. Click the "Submit" button and "OK."
Click Assignment again, and OK to make sure it’s there


If this document fails to provide the answers you need, come to Dey 110 during walk-in hours for assistance. We will try to resolve the problems that you are experiencing.