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Instructor Tutorial: Digital Recordings

Getting Started

Your Oral assignment typically comes from your course coordinators. They will determine the due dates and any other special requirements. It is strongly suggested that you send students to Dey 109 to complete their recordings since all of the recording equipment is there. Dey 109 is open from 7:30am-8pm Mondays through Thursdays, and 7:30am-5pm on Fridays. The recording instructions that you see below can be given to your students. When putting links on your site, use the student link below to guide them.

Setting Up Assignments

In order to receive assignments from the students, you must first create an assignment in Blackboard. This ITS tutorial will walk you through these steps. Pay special attention to step no. 2 in their instructions so that students are able to submit their assignments. You may want to copy the text provided by your coordinator in the different fields. They can help you with that.

Recording Instructions

Additionally, when setting up the Blackboard Assignment, you may want to offer some directions so that students know where to go for additional information. French and Spanish instructors, for instance, often include links to their course webpages, where students can find a more detailed description of the assignment, recorded pronunciation models, further instructions, etc.

We suggest that you also put a link to: which provides all of the instructions for using wavepad. The recording instructions are also posted in the FLRC lab at the work stations. Remind the students to use the submit button when they are sending you the files through Blackboard.

Audacity requires that students go to File --> Export as MP3, which is step no. 6 on the posted instructions. This is a critical step and if not done by the students, the submitted file will not work.


Below are some common questions regarding using the Assignment Tool with Blackboard. Each of these links is a ITS help document: